Our specialists have wide experience from oil and gas fields on the Norwegian continental shelf.  Work experience includes:

Exploration Geology
Well tie
Geophysical interpretation of :
    •    2D/3D/4D
    •    Seismic attribute data
    •    Inversion data
Depth conversion and GRV sensitivity studies
Detailed well planning and follow up
Rock physics modelling and depth trends including
Development of software for reservoir characterization
Presentations at partner meetings
Field development
Fluid, core and test analysis
Reservoir modelling and simulation
Reservoir description
History matching
Early phase and prospect evaluation
Project development/management
Reservoir management/drainage strategy
Uncertainty analysis and reserves estimation
Enhanced/Increased oil recovery
Economical analysis
Well planning


Petrel, Landmark R5000, EasyDC, RMS (incl IPL), GeoX, GeoFrame, Eclipse, TNavigator, OFM, Saphir, and other
Custom built tools using Python, Java and other. .


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